Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top Three Thursday!

And the top 3s are back! This week we're delving into the Top 3 Places I've Been.

And now comes the confession...This biddy doesn't get out much. I mean, I've been places, but not enough times to love or sober enough to appreciate (I'm talking to you, every college trip I took. Yes, we went to Nashville, Memphis and Gatlinburg...But we got distracted).

I guess my limited travel experience all started when I was a kid. We didn't really vacation. About all we could handle was a once-a-year trip to the beach. Know why? That's as far as Sister and I could go without killing each other. God bless my parents. We were horrid together, and even more horrid in confined spaces. So since then, I've done your standard couple of cruises, class trip to Spain (which doesn't feel quite as special to talk about anymore since so many people went), and yeah...That about covers it. Unless you count the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C., which I don't because we spent the majority of the time looking for fake Oakleys. Hellooo cool kids.

Pretty sure these were mine. I also had them in gray. Broke them at soccer practice.
Still haven't gotten over it.

And so that brings me to my point. I'm changing this up a little and talking about my favorite *specific* places. Did I just blow your mind? I'm taking this challenge and turning it on its head. Watch out world! Let's get it started:

1. Sister's Apartment in ATL

Yes, Sister and I cursed each other when we were kids and had to share floaties, but now we lurv each other. She's my best buddy and, sappily enough, I can't wait for us to get married and have kids because our families are gonna be tight! Seriously. We'll be the kind they make TV shows about. (Like, real TV, not Trading Spouses or Hoarders). And I love visiting because there's just tons of DVRing, Publix pizza, Steel and dur-da-dur Roxie (that'd be her adorable pup and it's "I'm a little special"/riding the short bus fanfare).

2. NCAA Tennis Tournament, Athens, GA

Random, yeah you could say that. But me, Mom and Dad-O went a few years ago and stayed for about a week. I just had the most fun bonding-as-a-grown-kid-with-the-folks. Despite the snore-a-mania that took place in our hotel and the massive sunburn, it was awesome. Really awesome. Plus I fell in love with John Isner. Knew him before he started playing Federer and Nadal. Makes me feel pretty empowered to say, "yeah...I knew how awesome he was when he was still just playing for UGA." Anyway, the tournament is back in Athens this year and I kinda hope (Part of me. Deep down. Won't actually admit it.) to be a little unemployed again so I can go. I mean really, who's gonna let a new hire leave for a week to watch people play tennis? Uh huh.

3. Adrienne and Alex's Apartment/The Commons, Tuscaloosa

I mean, really. These two apartments defined my social life from Junior year on up. It all started at the Commons. It's where my group formed (or, more apt, where I joined them), and the bonding over poker, cup scavengering (I more than once used one with a Care Bear emblem) and dirty bathrooms commenced. Once everyone had moved out of the Commons, Adrienne and Alex became the new hostesses. And I can't really complain. Much cleaner bathrooms. Whether the whole group was together for birthdays, Halloween, graduations, Friday nights, football, or well, Saturday nights there was bound to be laughter, a crier, a screamer, a throw-down, Circle of Death and hugs. Lots of hugs. I was usually the one initiating that that activity.

And there we are. My three favorite places! Not quite how this list was supposed to go, but...What can I say? I'm a rebel.

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