Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top 3 Thursday: Celebrity Style!

Oo this is a good one because I do love the famous people. No, really. I do. So I've decided to pick my top three based on who I'd want to be friends (or something more scandalous) with in everyday life. And so, without further ado:

#3 Javier Bardem

Aka, "Hummena hummena Javi." First saw him in The Sea Inside, and I mean, he was playing a 50-year-old quadriplegic and I still fell for him. Hello, charming. Then, holy flashback, Batman. We got to see the real Javi. The crazy hot Javi. And love was solidified. And he's Spanish. And he's won an Oscar. Bam.

#2 Anne Hathaway

Lovely, lovely, Annie. Is there anyone who doesn't love Anne Hathaway? She's gorgeous, talented and low key. Wanna be her friend.

#1 Ed Helms

Ok, so I think Ed is wonderful. Whether he's playing Andy Bernard, Stu the dentist or picking his banjo (Yes, he plays banjo, and he is awesome.), Ed just makes me happy. And he does a killer Tom Brokaw and Gay Al Gore.

Honorable mentions: Stanley Tucci because I want to marry "Stanley Tucci as Paul Child." Helen Mirren because I so want to be her when I grow up. Come on, she's crazy hot for a 65-year-old. David Walliams/Matt Lucas because they're crazy funny. And British. And Meryl. Because she can rock Sophie's Choice and Death Becomes Her. How many people can say that?


Lacey said...

Love your top 3!! Totally forgot about Anne Hathaway as a contender, she's awesome! And Ed Helms.. love him!

T. Nance said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Anne Hathaway....

Katie said...

Awesome top 3! I agree with all choices!

Susannah said...

I'm Lacey's roommate and I love your top 3!! I can't believe I left Ed Helms off my list. Maybe I need to edit my Honorable Mentions!

Mellie said...

Oh I'm so glad there's so much Ed love!

Andy Ty...I'll give you that one. Because she's lovely. And deserves "Mmmmmm"s.

Susannah said...

Here's a vid of Ed playing the banjo :)