Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New crush.

So, um. I don't get crushes on real people. Like, people I actually know. Just not wired that way. I do, however, get the occasional TV crush. (Oh, stop judging-I know y'all do, too.) Sadly though, it's not even a cool TV crush. They never are (e.g. Joel McHale, Adam Richman, Ed Helms).

The current little ball of love I have is for Biggest Loser Sam. Love Biggest Loser. Beginning of the season, I called little country boy, Daris to be the one to get super-mega-foxy-awesome hot by the finale. I mean, he had the twangy voice, the curly hair...*insert potential swoon,* but nope. It's been Samoan Sam that has caught this biddy's eye.

Just check out my hot, glistening clavicle. No wonder the biddy wants some.

Sister gets the text every week: "Oh m'gah Sam is gonna be/is/no really he is so hot." I don't know if it's the forming six pack, the tribal ink or the manly-crying-love he shows for his cousin that's on the show too...I just know he's got something and I dig it.

Sadly, upon actually Googling to try and get a decent picture, I found out that he and Stephanie, another contestant on the show, are dating and in love. Which is adorable, but...He was mine first. Jealous biddy.

Have a feeling there's gonna be another proposal at the finale. Booo. But maybe my initial intuition will be right and lil Daris will be crazy hot, and that'll cushion the blow.

Ok, that's all for today. Think I'll try and go get a life. Wish me luck.


Maegan said...

I know! He's a cutie! I haven't seen them together (obviously), but I'm sure they make a cute couple!

Susie's Spot said...

Oh I totally have a little crush on him as well. I think Daris is still my fave though!

Mellie said...

Oh hooray, I'm not the only one! And yeah...Daris is pretty adorable. I don't want him to karaoke anymore though... :)