Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Three Thursday

So my cousin Lacey invited me to join in on the Top 3 Thursday fun. Every week she blogs on her top 3 favorite somethings, and I give her props because picking my favorites of anything is crazy hard. Seriously. I can't mainstream my Facebook profile (as is the current trend) because I'm afraid of hurting my favorite things' feelings...You think I'm kidding. Anywho, welcome to this week's edition:

Ok, I've got several levels of favorite music: classic, current, broadway (Yeah, yeah you like the broadway. We know.), audiobook (It's on a CD. I listen to it in the car. I occasionally talk along...Wow, winner.) So for this top 3 picks I'm staying away from my standards: Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads--Oh m'gah can't even stick to three in an example. I need work--and sticking with some of my current favorites.

#3 The Killers

Kind of defined my musical habits for the last four years of school. Do you know how many times I listened to the Day & Age album while I was working on my thesis? Neither do I. It was just that and Jersey Boys. Back and forth. Forever. Because that's how long that sucker took to write.

#2 Joshua Radin

I fell in love with Joshua Radin when Zac Braff told me to. Well, actually I think he first told Ellen to, and because I wanted to do what all the cool kids were doing I checked him out. And now I've got nothing but lurv for the laid back beautiful flow that is Joshua Radin. Mmmmm.

#1 Coconut Records

I've always had an unhealthy love of Jason Schwartzman (e.g. I own Shopgirl. Shopgirl. Because of him. Own. Geez.), so of course I'd fall in love with his band, yes? I could literally listen to his two albums (Nighttiming and Davy) over and over and over and over. Now you go listen to them too.

Ok, whoo! That was hard! Until next week...I'll be sweating bullets just thinking about the pressure. Kidding. I hope.


Lacey said...

YAY!!! I'm glad you joined in on "Top 3 Thursday!"

Oh & I looooove Joshua Radin! :)

Abby said...


Mellie said...

Oh yay! I'll send you the graphics Abs!! Lacey Loo we're going to make Top 3 Thursday sweep the nation (or at least our inter-blogger community). And yay for fellow Radin love!