Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One down, 100 to go.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the young and the young at heart: I did my first 5k. (Pause for overwhelming applause.)

Aw thanks so much. You're too kind. I don't deserve it; I really don't. (More wild applause.)

No seriously you're embarrassing me; (Cue Joey Gladstone) Cut. It. Out.

But for reals. I finished the C25K program on a Thursday and jumped feet first into a 5k on Saturday. The Spring Scramble was being hosted in an adorable neighborhood in Homewood, so I paid my $25 to support childhood obesity education and let the nerves ensue.

I now have a shirt with this logo. Because I sweated for it. Oh, and I paid the entry fee.

The fabulous Ashleigh Adamson Baker (a live-trivia extraordinaire and trophy wife to a Birmingham PD hunk), who's only on week 5 of the C25K program, mind you, was a mondo-trooper and ran with me.

One thing the C25K app did not tell me...Running outside is hard. And you should really resist the temptation of doing all your training on a treadmill. Because real roads don't move magically beneath your feet. And there are hills there. And no built-in fan in front of your face. So running in the elements and what not was le hard. But I survived.


In case you don't have your Sherlock Holmes-esque magnifying glass handy...that's a 38:12.5 time, right there.

Finished under my goal time! I really hoped to fall somewhere in the 40-42 mark (Did I mention I'm more of a jogger than a runner? Yeah. I'm a jogger. Who likes to take walking breaks.)

So there we go. I've knocked one of the 101 things I want off the list. Now let's see what else we can take care of. (Sadly, I think I'd prefer to buy myself some Ray-Bans than train for a half-marathon...But we'll see what happens.)