Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness

So the boys have gone all crazy-like, yes? Brackets and onions and Elite 8s, oh my! I got nothin. My bracket last year was a sad, sad, paltry imitation of an educated guess. I guess I just don't care. But there is one thing I certainly do care about: baked goods.

Which is why this touney is my tourney.

Oh yes. This is going to be my year. I'm calling wedding cake in it to win it. Write it down. I know I already have. So let's all play along and make sure my dreams of being a master bracketeer come true.

Today we've got the top seeded birthday cake up against the sad, excuse for a dessert, fruit cake (Jim Gaffigan time out: "I don't understand fruitcake. Fruit, good. Cake, great. Fruitcake, nasty crap." Time in.), and in the pie circle we've got America's own apple pie against...grasshopper. Only thing I know about that pie is fake-pregnant-glee-wife ordered it in a restaurant. Thought they made it up. Anywho, it's real and up against the champ!

Let's get to work, kids!

Oh, P.S. if you're in to actual basketball goodness, check out my buddy Tyler's blog. He knows things.

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Lacey said...

hahahahaha this is awesome!