Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It’s no big secret that I lurv my sister. Love, love, lurv her.

And to celebrate the day of her birth some twenty-murmur-murmur years ago, she came to see me! Winner. Sister time and I don’t have to drive anywhere. That’s the definition of “success.” But she didn’t just come to see me. I’m a Broadway in Birmingham patron now (heck yeah I am!), and we had our first musical of the season. So Sister came for a weekend chock full of cupcakes, awesome food and musicals.

Quick rundown of Food Weekend:

Silver Coin Indian Grill (nom, nom, curry nom)

Edgar’s cupcakes (the Birmingham standard of delicious baked goods)

Homewood Gourmet (Inside was a little awkwardly quiet and small, but move yourself to the patio and all you’ve got is awesome food to distract you. Mmmm.)

Dreamcakes cupcakes (Did you seriously think we would only have one variety of cupcake for Sister’s big weekend? And I almost hate to say it, but…Move over Edgar’s, there’s a new cupcake sheriff in town. Holy eff yum.)

Surin (About time I made the trip. Now I’m wondering what took me so long because there is a roll that not only comes with tempura shrimp…and cream cheese, but also panang curry sauce. Jesus Christ. Mother Mary. Wunderbar.)

Yogurt Mountain (Um. Self serve giant fro yo bar. What’s not perfect about that?)

Another Broken Egg Café (I love brunch. And I love the Jewish people for constructing bagels topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Whoever decided on that combo deserves a mini muffin basket courtesy of yours truly.)

Musical Rundown:

Legally Blonde was absolutely adorable. So cute. So fun. So pink. Kristin Chenoweth would be the perfect Elle. (Granted, she could probably only get away with being Elle’s spunky aunt now, but still. When Chenoweth was 20 this would’ve been her part, man.) Oh, and our seats rule. Center. Orchestra. Boom, outta here.

But we didn’t just eat and sing. We Creeked. Creeked? What’s Creeked? Let me explain.

The first two seasons of Dawson’s Creek were on sale at Target and…Um. I couldn’t say no. I’m a sucker for cheap TV. And old school WB. Sister and I sailed through the first season this weekend and it was pure awkward magic. We’ve decided that a drinking game must be formulated. Partake every time Joey shrugs, Dawson flops on a piece of furniture, someone says “virgin” or whenever you hide behind your hands in embarrassment by proxy. You’d be shitfaced after the first episode. Pretty much the best money I ever spent.



Ana said...

Best. Drinking. Game. Ever. I'm going to adopt that for my next girl's night in!

Katie said...

Aw I lurv my sister! Best birthday ever!

Natalie said...

Looks like a great weekend! I love the photos!

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