Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why I Lurv the GTL of the IFF in the MIA

I mean. That pretty much sums it up. Best screen caption of the best episode. Ever. In all creation. I'm looking at you last episode of MASH. This blows it out of the water.

But since I have so much love for this prime example of social destruction, let's continue, shall we?

JWoww is my hero. You tell Sammi what's up! (Prissy little bitch that she is...)

The mirror cam is a revelation. Because without it, we could never experience Jenni's pep talk with her boobs.

Snooki writes with a giant Crayon. It literally doesn't get any better.

So, um...I got a taxi for you, baby. Yeah, I set everything up for you. You straight? Aight, aight. You get dressed and I'll walk you out. [And that's how you get em out!!]

A face of pure chagrin. Plus the fact that Sammi is forever in workout clothes but never works out further enforces the fact that she's a prissy little bitch (that she is).

"She made a fucking salad."

The Situation hooks up with a tranny.

And the aftermath.
That's the first time. The first time that's happened. Who knows, dog.

And I so love the beat down that is to come. Oh, it brings me such joy and delighted anticipation.


Katie said...


Susie's Spot said...

I would say best Jersey Shore ever.

Abby said...

I LURV this post... and that show!

Lacey said...

LOVE this!!!!!

Brooke said...

"I'll just be the bystander . . . playing around . . . flipping pancakes while people are punching themselves in the face. . ." So, yeah, I love this show. Thanks for the post. And thanks, Katie, for forwarding it to me.

Mellie said...

I mean. It just makes me happy. Or in Jersey-speak: Effin elated, bro.