Friday, October 29, 2010

I...Buh..Wha? No.

I got nothin.

Seriously. Nothing.

There was a "reunion." Not only did they not tar and feather Ivy for being a complete C U Next Tuesday, we didn't even get a Lord Gunn vocabulary montage. Therefore, I paid no attention. In a nutshell: The gays love Peaches. No one likes Gretchen. April's going through a Bitter Betty Princess Leia phase.

Valerie has had marriage proposals and celebrates by dressing like a referee.

Runway day has zero drama.

Andy wears his Jackie O pants.

Gretchen has an affinity for granny panties and decided to pair them with April's resortwear.

Country as corn pone Jessica Yee-Haw Simpson chewed her cud while disguised as a bedazzled flying squirrel. She liked them there dresses on that there runway.

Andy sent down a doldrums of a collection in shades of grey and pea green taffeta.

Funny like a monkey Mondo showed a fun and unique array of Mondoisms that was an obvious (ahrm) winner.

Gretchen made some stuff that I didn't totally hate in shades of dirt and thunder (apparently).

In possibly the longest judges session ever, after immediately knocking Andy from the running for the title (because, um. It blew.), Michael Kors and Nina Garcia changed the name of the show to Project Ready to Wear and decided Gretchenstein should be the winner. At least she has some cash now, and won't have to peddle her wares on the street out of a shopping cart.

Funny Like A Monkey Mondo will always be the winner to me. Just wanna stick him in my pocket and carry him around for a while. Precious.

That's it. I can't talk about it anymore. Project Runway and I are on a break. We'll see where we stand come next season.

Actually, one last thing:

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