Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Life in a Nutshell.

Ok, so...not too much is going on; work is work. After work is after work. Weekends have been on-the-go and full of driving (my all time favorite thing). There’ve been lovely nuggets of fun in between (bachelorette weekend, South Alabama State Fair, all things Sister related), but I’m horrible at documenting my life, so my recaps tend to lack any sort of visual backup. Which leaves me with only blogging on Project Runway. Which is, um, in a word: Awesome. But still. I’m more than judgmental snark, right? *crickets* Right? Ok, maybe not, but I should at least try to blog about more than one TV show.

So now I’d like to invite you into the world of my scattered thoughts. None important enough for a blog of their own, but with their powers combined they form a pretty comprehensive understanding of Mellie the Biddy. Let the randomness begin.

*Am still very much in love with Kurt Hummel. Want to squeeze, nurzzle and sing Liza-Barbra mashups with him.

*My current grocery list consists of trash bags, toilet paper and cat food. Could it get any sadder? Why don’t I just add depilatory cream and Hot Pockets. That’ll round out the embarrassment quite nicely.

*So apparently this is the new *it* shoe.

The new Birkenstock/Wallabee/Sperry/...? Ok, I didn’t keep up with any new shoe after the boat shoe. Sue me. Apparently this one is organic. And a poor kid gets a pair whenever you buy one. That’s nice. But I find them aesthetically not pleasing and quite strange in the toe. Also, I prefer my new shoes sans hemp, danke very much.

*I don’t know what "Steampunk" is, but if it means I get this dining room, I’d be cool with it. She has an apothecary table with Felix Felicis and Wolfsbane. I want one. I also want her wicked awesome penny desk. I mean seriously. How frickin cute? In case you’re wondering whose furniture I’m coveting, it’s the same girl behind the disastrously awesome Cake Wrecks. Am kind of wanting her life right now…

*Am watching the Biggest Loser despite it being two hours long every week (TWO HOURS.). That’s a movie. Every week. Needless to say, there’s lots of walking around/doing other stuff time during that big chunk o chunks on Tuesday nights. But I’m making predictions now:

This guy's gonna be the way hot one.

This one's gonna look like Luke Danes. Trust me.

And this one’s gonna get too pretty for her own good and be knocked up by the finale.

*I literally have piles of clothes all over my apartment. But, I semi-cleaned my kitchen last night so that makes the former completely acceptable.

*While scouring the Sip n Strokes galleries for a painting that I can knock off for Sister’s new bedroom, I find this. This exists. Twenty-some odd people are going to buy a bottle of wine and pay $35 to paint this:

People who create fan art should be put down for their own well being.

*Food blogs make me happy. Not necessarily recipe blogs, but blogs of what people are eating. Because of this little number, I’ve become mildly obsessed with Cliff bars, made curry chicken salad and have bought the fixins to make pumpkin gnocchi. I have not, however, embraced her Fage and granola obsession. There should never be a cause to eat plain yogurt. It’s like chewing on paste. [And as a sidenote: Went to her website to get the URL and I see a recipe for pumpkin nutella bread staring at me. Holy crap. Winner. Must. Make. Now.]

*I want to own this:

And this:

And while I'm at it, this one too:

Must become friends with Jim Horwat. If he would do a Chorus Line or Bad Seed print, I might just have to marry him.


Abby said...

Ooooo... I just love your blog!

Katie said...

Say Anything, The Big Lebowski, and the Goonies. Am I right???

Mellie said...

Aww, thank ya thank ya, Abby Dear!

And Sister, ding ding ding! You are very correct!

T. Nance said...

"People who create fan art should be put down for their own well being." Co-sign