Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 3 Thur--Friday...The Bucket List

Ok, so I'm a little late...But guess who has excuses?? I'm good at those. Busy day at work, moving...Yes. Moving. Found the perfect apartment, available for immediate move in and my Residence Inn check-out date is May 1, so, yeah. Biddy been busy. And apparently I need some conditioning training because my back's already hurting, and I've just moved my clothes. Geez.

But back to the issue at hand, the top 3 bucket list. It's kind of tough because I never really had big goals or aspirations (gah, that's not kind of depressing at all..), especially when it comes to stuff I want to *do*. I don't want to swim the Channel or wrestle down an alligator (we all know I don't dig the wildlife). I don't wanna go sky divin' or Rocky Mountain climbin' or 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu. (To answer your question, I did just channel Tim McGraw. What? You're saying that even though he's a famous movie star-i.e. Four Christmases-he's not relevant? Fine. Touche.)

Anyway, let's get to it.

#3 Be a regular Broadway patron

Holy crap, that'd be awesome. I long to see the best musicals of the year in their natural habitat. The BJCC's extent of Broadway shows stops at Mary Poppins. That's just not gonna cut it. Gimme the bright footlights of the Broad-way, baby. Throw in a ticket to the Tony Awards and I don't think life could get much better. Gah, I would make an awesome gay man.

#2 Be a stay-at-home mom
Maybe not forever--Once they become adolescents and moody, I can go back to work, but I really want to be around for those beginning developing years. To see their little faces discover new things, make things out of play doh with them, play in the kitchen, teach them the lyrics to In the Heights...What? My kids will like showtunes, get used to it. Kids are too cool to miss anything. So I don't want to.

#1 Write a book
I want to befriend David Sedaris, but that's only going to happen if I write a book, become his protege, make him realize my awesomeness, thus ensuring the bonds of a lifelong friendship. Plus, I actually do want to write. My background isn't effed up enough for a memoir, but I don't want to just make things up. I want to be funny. Sad and sappy have no place in my realm of written expression. You want that, go pick yourself up a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul or Nicholas Sparks. That's not my bag, kid.


Natalie said...

Mellie--Congrats on the job! I definitely think you should write a book. I love your writing style!

BLT said...

Congratulations on the employment! Tyler said you should put me on the mailing list for the Top 3 Thursday topics.