Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top 3 Thursday: "No, no don't take it away!" Edition

I've got to admit. This one is hard. Crazy, crazy hard. One reason being that I don't *want* to live without a lot of stuff. If I didn't have Q-tips or nail clippers or cup holders, my life would suck. My ears would never be clean; my nails would be atrocious and my thighs would be very cold (or hot, depending on the beverage). So, I've come to the conclusion that I am spoiled and I like it, because otherwise I'd just be a grumpy girl.

So let's get down to business.

Disclaimer. This list is neither conclusive or exhaustive. I lurv all of my stuff and hate to exclude. Please forgive, other awesome stuff.

#3 Nail Polish and all its accessories

I've probably be painting my nails regularly for about a year now. I've got an entire storage container devoted to polish, cotton balls, Q-tips, cuticle scissors and industrial strength polish remover. Now, this may seem kind of frivolous. Seriously, Mellie? You're gonna pick three things you can't live without and one of them is for your nails? Over Kleenex? Or toothpaste? Yes. Because I've discovered I have man hands. And man hands are worse than runny noses and bad breath. No, they don't have hair or callouses, but recently I didn't have time to repaint before work and the whole day my, at best, androgynous hands were just staring blankly up at me. Buhh. So yeah, I'm going with nails.

#2 Baked Goods

Thank goodness Lent is almost over. I gave up the delightfully wonderful baked goods this year and it has been tortuous. I usually don't like to use the "free pass" weekend, but I had to twice this year: Daddy's birthday cake and Rachel's wedding cake. Oh, wait, three times: I had a two-bite brownie with Sister. And you know what? They were the three best things I've eaten these past 40-some-odd days. Oh m'gaaaah. My life would be oh oh so stinkin sad without them. I've actually dreamed about eating cake. Lots of cake. It was lovely. And then I wake up craving cake and guess who can't have any? Grr. Just a few more days...Then Fresh Market, Edgars and Wal-Mart will have to run me out of their bakery section, I won't be able to wear any of my clothes, and I'll become a recluse with cabinets stocked with canned frosting. It will be heaven.

#1 My iPhone

I mean, really. It's only the greatest invention ever. I've got my calling, texting, googling, email checking, facebooking and tweeting all in one place. It just makes me happy. If I get a hankering to watch a Very Potter Musical, YouTube is just a tap away. (Time out. If you're a Harry Potter fan and have yet to watch A Very Potter Musical, you are missing out. It's the best time I've ever spent online, hands down. Here, I'll even get you started in taking in its amazement. Keep an eye out for the sequel debuting this summer. Time in.) In short, my phone rules and life would kind of suck without it. (©Kelly Clarkson)

Woo. Ok, feel like I need a nap or a Gatorade to recover from that one. Rough! But since you're here and I've got your attention, go on over to It's All in the Eye of the Tiger and show my awesome buddy and new blogger Adrienne some love. Happy Thursday, everyone!


Lacey said...

Baked Goods= Amazing!! and I definitely agree about the iPhone!!!! Also, I had not seen A Very Potter Musical yet, thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

I give you major props for going so long without baked goods!