Thursday, April 15, 2010

T3T: "I don't wanna cook, let's go out" Edition

As the challenge to declare my top three favorite restaurants arose, I came very close to hiding under my desk to escape the sure-to-be-wicked-hard decision making process. I mean, seriously...Are we talking restaurants for ambiance? For food? For takeout? Because I have answers for all. Hello, conundrum. But ya know what? Hello, solution. This is my blog and I'll answer how I want to. And so, I present to you...

Top 3 Social Gatherings, Takeouts and Ultimate Restaurants. Buckle up, it's gonna be a deliciously bumpy ride.

Top 3 Socializing Hot Spots

#1 El Rincon
There's not much better than being in Tuscaloosa with my favorite people surrounded by Mexican chicken fingers (What? It's totally authentic.) and gallons of margaritas. If grown ups had club houses this would be mine. Just hang a "No boys allowed" sign outside the door and we'd be in business.

#2 City Cafe
Couldn't ask for a better meat and three place out there. Fried chicken breast, okra, creamed corn and macaroni please! Oh, and don't forget a side of "candid" yams. (Surprise!) Oh I love typos. Partner that with a styrofoam silo of sweet tea and I'm a happy (and stuffed) girl.

#3 Taverna Plaka
Opa!!! Not only do you get the best hummus in the world. And ouzo cocktails out the wahzoo. And amazing Greek food. You get a party to boot. Bring in the belly dancers, flying napkins and awkwardly executed but exhaustingly fun kalamatiano and you've got yourself a good time.

Top 3 "I'll take it to go"s
(These may actually be my faves...Know why? All the good food, with the comfort of your pjs. Winner)

#1 Noodle
Whenever I'm in Atlanta with Sister and we make our way down to Midtown for say, a show at the Fox, I long for Noodle. Ok, I long for Noodle a lot more than that, but on those specific instances the longings are even more intense. Get yourself a Thai peanut noodle bowl, tout de suite. It'll change your life.

#2 Bama Smokehouse
Every visit, same order. Chicken bites spicy plate, potato salad, onion rings. Holy crap. It was always a happy day in T-Town when I decided to pick up Smokehouse...Yes, it's in an old gas station and yes, it took me about 15 minutes to get out there but it was always soooo worth it.

#3 Subs n You
Again, a Tuscaloosa fave that I only ever order one thing. Chicken salad sub, no tomato. Hands down, most amazing chicken salad you'll ever have. Know why? Because it's turkey. Little known fact. Good Lord, I could rub my face in this sandwich. Sadly, not kidding.

Top 3 Restaurant Faves

#1 Steel
All-time Atlanta favorite. Just go ahead and bring me an order of crab meat, mango spring rolls and a Mt. Fuji roll (tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and topped with crab. Nom nom nom) and there's no need to speak to me for the rest of the meal. I'm busy. Sister and I do *work* here.

#2 Fellini's

Amazing pizza in Atlanta. I mean, can you go wrong with any place that forgoes table numbers for framed post cards of the Virgin Mary or John Belushi? I think not. One word of advice though: Don't ignore the Sicilian slice, he's a keeper.

#3 Cypress Inn
The good ol' Tuscaloosa stand-by. Such pretty views, steak and rolls and the very best bran muffins and bread pudding you could ever have. I miss them...

Honorable Mentions

#1 Big Bad Wolves
BBQ Nachos. That's all you need to know.

#2 The Varsity
"What'll ya have? What'll ya have??" Um, that'd be a chili dog, onion rings, fried pie and Varsity Orange. If you get anything else, you're doing it wrong. And you can quote me on that.

#3 Edgar's Bakery
Ok, this one was picked solely for its bakery counter. The chicken salad plate is great but, really. The real worth is in the petits fours. What? Did you really expect to read a blog of mine that didn't involve baked goods? Come on now...I expected more from you.


Katie said...

Excellent choices! We need to go back to Steel pronto. I'm starting to have withdrawls...

Mellie said...

Oh! And Nicks in the Sticks! How could I forget them and the delicious nectar that is a Nickodemus. Geez, this countdown just continues to haunt me...