Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Newly Employed Biddy's Chronicle

Looks like it's time for a changing of the guard here at the Unemployed Biddy's spot. That's right folks. It's happened. Pending a background check (good thing I paid off my guy to get rid of those outstanding arrest warrants), I will be employed. I'm the newest Media Planner/Buyer for Education Corporation of America, here in Birmingham. I'll be planning the media for (starting with three) of the Virginia College campuses.

At the moment, I am extremely: excited, scared, anxious, relieved and elated.

Am officially moving towards grown-up-hood. I get to finally move out of the Residence Inn (though I'll miss the daily cleaning service), decorate, "live" somewhere and start my adult life. Wow-za.

The start date is still unsure, but I'm hoping it'll happen around May 10th. Oh goodness gracious. Whoa.

Other good things that happened today:

-Fell asleep ridiculously early last night, and woke up thinking it was early-morning-time. Nope, it was 10:30 pm. Love that. (Jim Gaffigan time out: "Don't you love waking up finding you have extra time to sleep? It's like finding a thousand dollars!!")
-Got all green lights on my way home to lunch.
-Combo Memphis Birthday weekend is officially on with official dates and I get to see one of
my favorite girls two times this week.

Ok, now that I've officially annoyed everyone I've seen today, plus all of blogosphere with my excitement...I'm calling it a day. Lurv!


Susie's Spot said...

Mellie, I am so happy for you! You deserve it, and will do a great job! Will you be staying in Bham?

Maegan said...

Yay!! Congrats girl!! You will do fabulously! I may be calling you when I get my PhD since you're now in the education world ;)

Keri said...

Mellie, congratulations! That's so so so exciting! I'm a bit sad that you're going to be moving out of the Residence Inn, though. I've been wanting to visit you there! haha. But, seriously, congratulations and best wishes on your big girl job!

Lacey said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's so exciting Mellie!!! YAY!

Morgan said...

Congrats!! Bham is wonderful! I know you are relieved!!!

Mellie said...

Thanks, ladies!! I am indeed staying in Birmingham (am completely distracted at work by apartment hunting...oops). Ah excitement!! Once I have a house to warm, we're definitely going to have a gathering to celebrate my official Birminghamity!