Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I lurv.

So, it’s Valentines Weekend, and I’m celebrating by sending a whole boatload of love out to my favorite stuff. I’m not talking people or pets. I’m talking stuff. This is the stuff I would send conversation hearts and giant teddy bears to if I thought it would be appreciated. I would take this stuff out for a night on the town and treat it like stuff deserves to be treated…Oh I love you, stuff

My giant flannel shirt. It’s warm and cozy and can be wrapped around my body like a plaid straight jacket. If I didn’t watch so much What Not to Wear I’d be wearing it at work right now. Oh it’s like a flannel hug: comfy and delicious

Food blankets. Sister knows what these are. Their presence means that sister and I are about to dive into a gluttonous cornucopia of deliciousness and Harry or Chorus Line is in the DVD player.

Baked goods. That’s all. Do you really need more explanation?

Falling asleep naturally. You know the kind of sleep where you’re not doing it because you have to get up in the morning or a predetermined nap, but you’re just watching TV and suddenly woooosh. You are conked the eff out. Mmmm.

A collection of giant margarita glasses. Because this means there’s a table full of my favorite drunkedy drunk friends at El Rincon.

Broadway musicals. Won’t indulge because there’s already a whole blog about my lurv of musicals. But in short: I dig the Broadway.

Marathons. No, no not the running kind. I’m a low stamina biddy. I love eight straight hours of Top Chef, Project Runway or Biggest Loser. I used to dig Top Model, but I’m over that now…My tastes are so much more advanced now. [Bah]

My TV shows on DVD. The Office, Pushing Daisies, Queer as Folk, Prison Break, Flight of the Conchords. These are happy things. And it also means I get a marathon whenever I want, so…Score.

Tea and all the wonderful tea accessories. Mmm. Nothing says “biddy” like a nice steamy mug of green tea.

Flats that sound like heels when I walk. I don’t dig the high heels because I have a tendency to fall over, but I love the few pairs of flats I own that make that delightful “clack clack clack” on hard floors.

Flowers that I buy myself. Along with my stuff, I also like me and me deserves presents too. And me just happens to be a fan of fresh flowers, so I treat her right.

My daily timewaster sites. Occasionally at work I’ll get in a slump of do nothingness so I turn to my favorites to keep me entertained: Lamebook, Texts From Last Night, Overheard in New York, Not Hired, People of Walmart, Nic Cage as Everyone. Danke to you all for keeping me thoroughly amused.

Rough man hands. Soft, noodley man hands freak me out, so when I come across a nice pair of gruff man hands, I appreciate, cherish and have a hard time letting go.

My favorite blog and biddy namesake. The New Old Biddy Jennifer Eolin is hilariously funny and my all time favorite Project Runway blogger. If you watch the show, but don't read the blog you are seriously missing out.

David Sedaris books on CD. I want to be his friend and summer at his home in the French countryside. Plus I would never have my favorite pronunciation of “Aaaasssshooooole” or my go-to phrase, “You’re meeaan. And you’re uglyyy” in my vernacular if it weren’t for him, so. Yeah. He rocks my world. If he and Jim Gaffigan were major players in my life, pretty sure I could never complain again. About anything. Because my life would be perfect. Full of snark and bacon references.

Licorice. All you black jelly bean ignorers, I won’t judge you, but I will kindly ask that you save, instead of discard and send those suckers my way. Oh sweet deliciousness, if I had to live off one candy treat for the rest of my days I would choose the black jelly bean.

Styrofoam cups. Yeah, yeah. They’re bad for the environment, but I lurv them. And I will reuse them over and over, so hey. They can’t be all bad, right? Addition: Give me a restaurant with both Styrofoam and Diet Dr. Pepper (i.e. Subs n You, Chick-fil-A, and old school Zoe's), and you too shall grace the list of stuff I love.

Ah, happy Valentines to me...Surrounded by the things I love. Who or what are you appreciating this holiday season? (Besides the discount candy bin. That's on everybody's list.)


Katie said...

I lurv my crazy-talented sister!

Anonymous said...

I, too, love styrofoam cups!!! If I had my way, they would replace Dixie cups.

Mellie said...

Aw thanks, Sister! If this were a lurv for people blog you'd be all over it!

And Ty, I like the way you think. Stupid Dixie cups making everything taste like wax...Don't approve.