Thursday, May 27, 2010

T3T: I Got Game, Yo.

Um. I don't like to lose. Seriously. No, I take that back. I hate to lose. I like to be awesome at things, and if I know I'm not going to do well...I ain't doin it. Hey, even I have to have a character flaw (muah ha). Anyway this need to not suck ass made me miss out on some fun goodness growing up. I was "the banker" in Monopoly (Come on, that job isn't even necessary). I only set up Mouse Trap to drop the marble and watch the little gizmos click in to place to, well, trap the mouse (but I'm pretty sure no real kid ever actually *played* that game). Long story short I either sat out or pouted like a little punk when I inevitably lost a round of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Oh, or I read all the Tri-Bond cards so I'd know the answers. What? You know you've done that before...How else would people know that the common thread among "Ride, Field and Brown" is Sally. Sally Field, sure. We know her. But Sally Ride? I haven't heard that name since 4th grade. And yeah, Sally Brown is Charlie Brown's sister, but we just don't use her surname. Whatev Tribond.

What was I talking about? Oh. Games. I like em more now. Still pout if I lose. But I try to internalize. Most of the time...

Phase 10

I used the "most of the time," because of this lil game right here. It kind of ruined a Mother's Day. Ok, ok. I ruined Mother's Day. A few years ago I thought it'd be fun for the fam to all play together. I played for the first time the Spring Break before and thought it was crazy fun. I should have known the initial circumstances wouldn't repeat themselves. I got good cards. And the added bonus of watching a couple nearly break up while fighting for not last place. I believe one retort was screamed, "I WOULD RATHER GIVE TRAVIS EVERY CARD HE NEEDS JUST SO YOU LOOOOOOSE!!! I MAY NOT WIN BUT. NEITHER. WILL. YOOOOU!!" It was pretty amazing. Um. I carried on the spastic tradition at home. I think Sister skipped me for no good reason. Several times in a row. I got pissed. Yelled. A lot. Mom made us stop. Despite all that, still love the game. Crazy fun.


All that useless movie trivia is put to good use here. Know why I own a bookcase chock full of movies instead of books? Because there's not a game I can win by knowing the ins and outs of my favorite books. And if there were, no one would play with me. This is where the competitive edge really comes out. You betcha I'm fightin to be the first shout in an all-play. This is my sport. I don't golf. Play tennis. Water ski. Bungee jump. I Scene. And I said it once, I'll say it again. If I'm on your team, you'd do well to listen to me. Al Pacino's first Oscar wasn't for Godfather...It was for Scent of a Woman. Hoo-Ah!! (That's for you, Adrienne :)

Circle of Death

What can I say? You can take the girl out of Tuscaloosa, but you can't take Tuscaloosa out of the girl. How can at least one drinking game not make the list? And hey, this way...even if you lose, you win. Thus leaving me sans grumpy pants. They've been replaced with drunky pants. Those are better.

And with that, I implore you to get your game on. Or your drink on. Whatev. It's almost the long weekend. You're allowed.

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Katie said...

Oh I had forgotten about the mother's day phase 10 debacle! You seriously cannot handle losing! But neither can I. Guess it's just in the genes.