Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plateful of Thankful

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. I have no real food in the house because I refuse to go grocery shopping when I'm going to be away all weekend. I'm not going to let milk and bread get three days closer to sour and stale while I'm gone. We don't waste when we're on a budget. I wasn't feeling anything in my go-to frozen dinner arsenal. And the weather turned on me today by getting in the high 70s, so I'm boycotting my cans of soup until my cool air returns.

But that's all OK. Because that led me to these bad boys.

It all started with the idea of pancakes. I have Bisquick, the wunderkind of all flour based products, and it must be put to use. But. My sugar-free syrup blows; I don't have a griddle, and pancakes out of a wok just aren't as good. Then I remembered I had canned pumpkin left over from my delicious gnocchi dinner from a while ago and dum da da dummmm. Pumpkin pancakes. And I decided to make it an even lazier process by making them in my Xpress 101. So they turned out more like pumpkin cakes...delicious pumpkin cakes. And I made them even delicious-er by the addition of Nutella. Num.

So, my friends, in one fell swoop we've hit 8 wonderful things I give much danke.

*Pumpkin-cinnamon-nutmeg flavored anything
*Xpress 101
*Powdered Sugar
*Faux baked goods
*No-dishes-to-do paper plates
*Breakfast for dinner

Until next time, don't forget your thank you's, danke's, gracias's and your merci's. It's a good world, kiddos. A good pumpkin-flavored, cinnamon-scented world.


Lacey said...

That looks delicious!

Katie said...

Know what I'm not thankful for? Over a month of no blogging.