Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I was soo right...

Ah yes, the Biddy returns to your Google Reader. After much pestering and constant reminders that I've yet to blog anything in over a month from the lovely Sister...I'm back to keep her happy and passive. Because Christmas is coming. And she's been present teasing for months now, and I'm pretty sure if I didn't post in the next few days she'd withhold all gift-giving, and instead present me with a lump of coal and a "you know what you did" scowl come Christmas morning.

To explain my absence: I do my best blogging at work. Now, let's not say that I'm neglecting my job to entertain thousands if not four faithful readers; let's just say that I'm so productive I occasionally have pockets of time that I can devote to social-media-fueled snarkery. The past month has had very few of those pockets. Crazy busy. That's all the excuse you're gonna get from me.

And this morning I return with a air of self-righteous told-you-so-ness fueled by the Biggest Loser finale. I made my predictions and, yep, I win.

Meet Brendan. Now stick him in flannel and a backwards baseball cap. Why, is that Gilmore Girls' Luke Danes? Why, yes, I do believe it is. Winner.

And this is Jessica. Ok, no she's not knocked up like I predicted. Yet. But hot, right? Too pretty for her own good? I do believe so. Winner.

And finally, this little mother-loving dear heart is Adam. Wowza and hubba hubba. I cannot be alone in this opinion. I want to fry egg substitute and turkey bacon off those rock-hard-sizzling abs. Mmmm. Win-ner.

And folks, the time for another changing of the guard here at the ol' blogstead has arrived. As of last Friday I've been working for seven months. Seven. Feels a lot longer. Point being, I'm no longer "newly employed." From henceforth-on-out-forever-and-ever-amen-until-I-change-my-mind, I shall be: Just a Biddy.

In the upcoming weeks I promise the following blog posts:

A Tour Through Mellie's Winter Wonderland

Mad Men: From Ignorance to Obsession. The Untold Love Story of Biddy Mellie and John Hamm.

How to Survive the No Glee til February Slump

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Katie said...

Yay yay yay the biddy returns!!! We've missed you. And I'm so excited about the upcoming blogs. Put in lots of John Hamm and Darren Criss pictures ok? Danke.