Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My little blog is one year old today. It's kind of hard to believe that I've been peddling snark for a whole year now...And it's even stranger to think how much (and how little) my life has changed over the past year.

A year ago I was unemployed, living at home in Troy and making pumpkin pancakes. I had a Farmville. I was tearing through the Sookie Stackhouse books and watching True Blood bootleg online because my family doesn't believe in paying extra for movie channels. And because our house lacked DVR as well, I watched live TV. And used a VCR. I stayed up til 3 and slept til noon. I wore a lot of sweat pants. I visited Sister as often as possible.

Fast forward a year and I've made the move to Birmingham. I have a real job. In a field that I went to school for. I have health insurance. I've been to the doctor when I've had nothing wrong with me. I have a dentist. And a scheduled 6 month cleaning. I have an apartment chock full of furniture that's never belonged to anyone else. I still wear a lot of sweat pants and schlep to Atlanta to see Sister as often as possible. However, I do take my Sookie in audio book form now and am in bed well in the P.M. hours of the night. I don't know why the hell I'm not making pumpkin pancakes right now.

Geez, the amount of adulthood you can achieve in a year. Cray cray. Although, apparently I'm not that adult yet because I say stuff like "cray cray."

On a separate note, my life as it is has become The Office. I was roped into the Party Planning Committee (not to be confused with the Committee to Plan Parties) for the annual ECA Halloween shindig. I, Joan Holloway, along with Helga the Beer Maid, Wilma Flintstone and ol' standby witch decked out the conference room in streamers, spider webs and skeletons. I played the part of All Hallows Eve DJ. And decorated cupcakes. I felt like Pam, Darryl and Angela all rolled into one.

My baked good contribution actually turned out pretty adorable. Not as adorable as the ones in Woman's Day that I stole them from...but kind of precious none the less.

Now that I've primed your palates with buttercream...Here comes the question of the afternoon: Does my little blog deserve a cake for surviving its first year? Hrm? I vote yes. This is the only election that really matters people. Do your civic duty. Tell me yes, I should celebrate this momentous occasion with cake. It's all in your hands, folks.


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! You definitely deserve a cake to celebrate one year, no question!! :)

And the halloween cupcakes you made are awesome!

Katie said...

YES cake! Always say yes to cake!!

Ana said...

Happy blogging birthday! Oh, and I say celebrate with a cupcake! Enough decadence for the sugar high without the regret of an entire cake.

Not that I'm speaking from experience.


What was I saying?

Mellie said...

Ah, thank ya thank ya! We celebrated with Xpress 101 cake. And it was glorious. :)