Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So I have this theory...

That the little girl from the Pepsi commercials--You know who I'm talkin about. She was adorable.

Had a sex change operation in the early 2000s and became this guy:

The kid from Adventureland and Zombieland.

Check it: same hair, dimples, chin. Her last real movie was Beautiful (ya know, an unconvincing "early 20s" Minnie Driver wanted to be Miss America but got knocked up so she made her best friend raise her kid so she could be a snot-nosed-glitter-eye-shadow-wearing beauty queen who ultimately learns the value of family and declares her love and paternity for said curly head kid). His first real movie was Squid and the Whale. That's plenty of time for the scars to heal and the hormones to kick in.

Totally plausible. Yes? I think so.

Post blogging update: A little research to find out their names and um...They're brother and sister. Meet Hallie Kate and Jessie Eisenberg. Craziness. I still think my theory's more fun.

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Lacey said...

hahaha That's hilarious!! I totally see it!