Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lord, I was born a ramblin' (wo)man

So this isn’t really a blog about anything—Just an assortment of thoughts and ramblings that keep wading in the lazy river that has been my mind for the past few days.

-Am so tired. Don’t think I’ll ever be untired again. Haven’t felt awake in a good four days. The thought of napping in my favorite bathroom stall makes me giddy with anticipation, but I don’t go through with it because people look at you funny when you emerge after an hour long trip to the john. Go figure.

-Yesterday I held open a door for a woman during my long trek into the bowels of the office. She complimented the pattern on my dress. I said thank you. She then says how she has started to sew. I say I never have. She looks at me funny. Did she think I made my dress? Because if so I think Ross should give me my $15.99 back. And I really want to find her and tell her if I were actually going to make my own clothes I certainly wouldn’t use a poly-blend. I’m just cheap, not intentionally tacky.

-My beliefs that I’m not ready for a serious relationship have only strengthened this past week. For the past two nights dinner has consisted of a random collection of food stuffs that require at max, the use of a toaster oven. Most often they’ve been eaten off paper towels because I don’t want to do dishes and I forgot to buy paper plates. My cat has also been excessively annoying. He meows. A lot. Locked him out of my bathroom this morning just to get a door between us. Have gone to bed at 9:30 for the past three nights. I have a feeling if I had a steady man friend he would expect dinners that require a stove and plates and I’m pretty sure his presence would be more prominent than my cat. Oh, and he probably wouldn’t want to go to bed the same time as a 10 year old. Eff.

-Ever religiously follow blogs of people you don’t know but truly believe that if you ever met you’d be life-long friends? No? Yeah…me neither. Seriously though—these ladies are awesome:

The New Old Biddy: Found her through Jenna Fisher’s blog. She commented on how funny the Biddy’s Project Runway recaps were. Love Project Runway. Love snark. She won me over instantly. It was PR that reeled me in, but it was her love of tea, bacon and happy fists that made me stay. She hasn’t blogged in a while. I miss her… (And yes, she is my blog’s namesake)

Fat Bridesmaid: No idea how I got linked to her blog. Honestly can’t remember. I just know that in her “About Me” she confessed her love for It’s a Wonderful Life, nutella, The Office and the semi-colon and her hatred of low water pressure showers and wine snobs. This girl is me.

Pink-Spandex: Two friends that write a blog together. Found them when I went in search of a picture of Gus Pike from Avonlea for my T3T topic a few weeks ago. Google Images led me to their blog as the source of the picture and it was from a post entitled “TV Characters We’d Make Out With,“ included but not limited to: Trent Lane (Daria), Jim Halpert, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal (HIMYM), Eric (The Little Mermaid), Ned (Pushing Daisies), Bob (Biggest Loser), Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Jacob (Twilight). How could I not immediately love them? Danke, Google Images. Danke.

The sad part is that I’ve never made contact with these women. Ok, I’d occasionally comment on the Biddy’s recaps and I think I commented once on one of FB’s posts. But more often than not I’m a “lurker.” Apparently that means stalker in blog-ese. Whatev. I’m just a curious bystander amused by their lives and kick ass writing style who secretly wants to be friends. Ok, ok, that does sound like a lurker. That’s cool. I’ll own it. Viva la lurk!

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