Friday, January 8, 2010

Forget me? Hope not...Because that's sad. But I'm back!

So it seems the only sort of blog you’ll ever get from me will be of the catch-up variety. Many apologies. I’ll work on it. So last time we covered getting the internship, Thanksgiving food and the tragedy that is New Moon. Since then…

“No Money for Christmas” 09 was pretty sweet (literally and figuratively). Our house was filled with fruit cake cookies (promise they’re awesome), fudge, caramels and elf food (aka the Swiss Colony cornucopia of goodies). If you’re in need of a beef log, I’m pretty sure there are still four in the Bassett fridge. And I’ve got to say, I love to be in a family where the “kids” are mid-twenties and presents still magically appear Christmas morning. Oh the delicious anticipation. Sister blessed me with the wondrous gift of Sephora and Ed Helms (a la The Hangover), and am now in possession of the perfect brownie pan. It was one of many fabulous presents from the parents, but I’m extra excited to use this one. I love As Seen on TV products. And when I say love, I mean, LURV. I think I could classify infomercials as one of my favorite childhood programs (and let’s face it. They still are.). Pretty sure the night I won my Magic Bullet was one of the most exciting. It doesn’t matter that I don’t use it on a regular basis. What matters is that it was on TV and now it’s mine. And I can make 7 second guacamole if I want to.

Sadly, I spent December 26 putting Christmas back in boxes (because I would be moving in three days, and if I didn’t it would still be Christmas at the Bassett home in mid-June). And speaking of moving…I moved! I now reside at the Residence Inn in Birmingham, right down the road from my grown-up-big-girl-still-don’t-have-insurance-but-I-get-a-paycheck job. Some folks have wondered what sort of set up the RI provides [insert concerned face here], but I actually really like it, and the concerned face tends to fade when I mention the free breakfast and daily housekeeping service. Boo yah! . It’s a studio set up and is plenty of room for just me (although I miss my cat Jack. I vowed I wouldn’t blog about my cat, because what’s more lame than that? But he at least deserves to be mentioned. He’s living with his grandma and pa since he’s socially awkward and takes about a month to adjust to living anywhere. Ok. No more cat talk.). Anywho, welcome to my temporary home!

And so now here we are. I’m finishing my first week of work. It’s been a little slow since everyone’s getting back in the groove themselves, so I gone from filing, to shredding to creating my first media schedule proposal. Very exciting. Love the people and the atmosphere. It would be great if they could take me on permanently. *Hint. Hint. I really like you Lewis Communications. Hint*

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Katie said...

Yay for grown up, employed, moved out of mom and dad's house sister!!! Now if Lewis Communications could just relocate their business to Atlanta and hire you full time we'd be set!