Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I guess PR and I are on a break.

It's not that I'm not watching...I've just been totally unmotivated since I saw the 3 final/7 decoy final collections. Which bleeeewww. Plus, thanks to Jersey Shore, I'm constantly distracted during Lord Gunnderson's critiques since I keep wondering what the hell Snookie's gonna do or throw up on this week.

Quick 3-week recap: they did another 70s challenge. Uniballer made his girls look dirty and cultish so they sent him home. Tim cried. I cried. We all cried. Miss you, AR. They had to design for birds. The owl got totally screwed over. Bert had to design for the tacky parrot. He revolted by channelling the bird's talons instead of his garish feather. And he went home. I ended up kinda liking him. Who knew? They had to be inspired by some park. They all made up inspirations. LK saw circles. So designed circles. And a night gown. She go home now. And here we are: Two episodes left and Viktor, Joshua, Kimberly and Anya are designing final collections. Which will suck. Damn you, Internet!

Now on the other hand...I've got my own little Project Runway going on in my living room.

Hellooooo Halloween costume. (I mean, I'm on the Halloween Party Planning Committee. I can't not go all out, y'all.) I wonder what it will end up being? Hrrm... :) Final product to be revealed come 10/31.

Anywho, m'bad, PR. I'll try real hard to recap the finale. If you're on your best behavior.

Don't be mad, dog. WE WERE ON A BREAK!


Mrs. Apple said...

I have been wondering where you were, I need to hear Mellie's thoughts and comments, I mean I have to. YOU HAVE TO DO THE FINALE! Please and thank you! :) haha seriously though, I kinda of liked Bert too, who knew? I haven't been really impressed with any of them this year. Did you want the show after PR? They called Oliver out on his weirdo accent.

Mellie said...

Haha I'm gonna do my best to end the season strong! And I've got the After the Runway on the DVR, and now I'm uber-pumped to watch it if they're gonna make Oliviiiiiier squirm :) And by the way... Leighton is a-dorable :)