Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At Work with Steve Buscemi

So we have music piped into our office. I'm guessing it's Sirius radio, "Sad FM Easy Listening for the Over 30." (Yeah, I channeled Bridget Jones. What?) All day, every day. It's not all bad. I dig the oldies. Only problem is they play the same songs over and over. And over. Which means at least twice a day I hear "Telephone Line" by ELO. Granted, I love any song in which "doowop dooby doo doowop doowah doolang" are legit lyrics. But it also means that I picture this every time it hits the airwaves:

Steve Buscemi twice a day. Woof.

It's also guaranteed that I'll hear Kiss's "Beth" at least once a day, but since I'm mad cool all I hear is Puck. So I guess that makes up for at least one Buscemi sighting, right?

In other news, Jersey Shore is back on the air and all is right with the world. God, this season is gonna be good...

Words and Wisdom of JS: M-I-A (which is Miami) <--Thanks for clearing that up, Situation.

I feel like a pilgrim from the friggin 20s right now.

Sammi: I just feel, I don't know. Snookers: I know how you feel.

Ronnie's at the club hookin up with grenades--that's a bigger ugly chick--and also landmines--which is a thin ugly chick...And-um-lovin life.

You're effin pale and you're nasty.

To continue the return of awesome TV: Project Runway has made a valiant return!! Winner. And that means New Old Biddy's blog is back too. Yes. Happy fists.

And finally, I've currently got Hush on in the background. You folks remember this movie? Effin Jessica Lange, man...All psycho-like, tryin to steal Gweneth Paltrow's baby. Makes me real anxious to have a mother-in-law of my very own. Holy crap.


Katie said...

Please start reviewing Jersey Shore on a weekly basis. It would be amazing. And um, just saw in your about me that you don't believe in the serial comma. And you don't like wearing fleece and alarm clocks. So, do you like wearing each of them separately and it's just the combination that you're opposed to? Seriously. Embrace the comma. It's needed. Obviously.

Mellie said...

It's only needed by ra-tards that can't use the magical concept of common sense to realize that people don't wear alarm clocks.

I kid.

I lurv.

Still hate that comma.

Be nice or I won't write about grenades and GTL.

Lacey said...

You're words of wisdom from Jersey Shore are AWESOME. I can't stop laughing in my cubicle right now. Please do this every week.

Adrienne said...

AHH Mallori and I just watched Hush a few weeks ago...we loved it!!