Thursday, June 24, 2010

T3T: Purchases

I’d never say that I was spoiled. I would say that I have parents that have been generous when it comes to big ticket items that I’ve really needed/wanted. My car. My iPhone. My Macbook. All things I love and all things I can thank Mama Jo and Dad-O for. So if this were Top 3: Favorite Things Purchased for You, I’d be done. But it’s not, so I’m not, so let’s get to what are indeed MY favorite purchases.
Living Room Furniture

Ah, my latest investment in adulthood. Adios, couch that the parents didn’t want and slip covers to mask the horrid flower pattern and bienvenidos Cindy Crawford Collection! (Yeah, I’m a little bit embarrassed about that, actually. At least my couch doesn’t come with a mole or anything.) Although, technically I haven’t “purchased” it because that would imply that I’m done paying for it…but I’m getting closer and closer each month. I actually think the trip to Rooms to Go with my parents solidified my adult standing. I filled out the credit report. I paid the deposit. I received the sideways glances from my mother which translated to, “Do you have enough money to do this?” and I gave her the head bop in return saying…”Yes, put your checkbook away.” Granted, I wouldn’t have been able to without their financial support during that last leg between my temp job and first paycheck of the new job, but I think it still does surprise them whenever I pay for anything myself—be it a sampling of Ikea’s finest or lemon ices for the family at the tennis tournament (Did I mention Sister and I met the parents in Athens one weekend for the NCAA tournament? So fun.).


Yes this is my cat. In the sink. No, he's not special at all...

Ok, to say I “bought” Jack doesn’t sound good. It’s not like I got him off the black market or anything. But I did adopt him and that cost me some cash, so…yeah. Purchase. And he was probably the most unexpected purchase I could have made. Because I can’t stand cats. When I told my mother what I had done, I think she was more shocked than she would have been if I told her I’d dropped out of school, gotten knocked up, became a Republican and joined the Hell’s Angels. But Jack’s different. He’s socially awkward, like me, and relatively low key. And despite his need to wake me up at 4:30 for an early morning pet fest and the abhorrent amount of cat hair on my chairs, it sure is nice to come home to something breathing. (I think this is the second, and probably last, time I blog about my cat. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: There’s nothing more sad than a single girl blogging about her cat. Cat talk: done.)

Broadway Across America

In an effort of full disclosure, this purchase hasn’t been made. Yet. But it will. And SOON. I’ve been jealous of Sister’s BAA package for as long as she’s had them. And now that I live in a town included in the tour, I get to be a part of it too! And oh is my first season gonna be awesome, or what? Les Mis and Chorus Line: All time faves. Beauty and the Beast and Legally Blonde: There’s no way they’re not gonna be fun. Fiddler on the Roof: I get to learn more Yiddish. Winner. I mean seriously. So happy. And even happier because I think Sister is going to buy tickets too and be my theater buddy. Hooray!

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Lacey said...

I need to come see your pretty new living room furniture soon! :) I LOVE the picture of Jack in the sink- too cute!