Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You know me, right?

So should you really be surprised it’s been two months since my last visit? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So let’s just cut what would surely be bullshit excuses and call a spade a spade. I’ve just been chillin reading other people’s blogs. Lots of people I don’t know. That would probably be creeped out by me knowing so much about them and stealing their sangria recipes.

But hey, I’ve been doing other stuff too… Let’s start off with a 101 update.

#8: My record player came in the mail last week along with my first two new LPs ever. (Mumford and Sons [Because they’re amazeballs.] and Vampire Weekend [Because it was on sale and because there’s a song on the album called “Oxford Comma” and more importantly it boasts the lyric: "Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma.” Winner.]) I also stole some of Dad-O’s old records while I was home this past weekend, including my mother’s own album recorded with the Dixie Messengers. And yes, I will find a way to share it.

#48: My sister blessed me with the gift of a legit and gorgeous Hobo wallet. I’m thinking of naming my first born after it. She went ahead and knocked off another on the list, #86, with my new kick ass travel cereal bowl. So awesome.

#49: Ma Jo and Dad-O took care of this one around birthday time, too. Never have I watched more Family Guy, Dr. Who or Rescue Me. And with Netflix jacking up their prices (60% increase? Come on, man.), I’m pumped that I can stick with strictly streaming, but not have to watch on my teeny computer screen.

1/3 of #52: Got to see Mumford and Sons in Atlanta with Sister, and holymotherofallthatisgoodandholy, they were fan-freakin-tastic. Pretty sure it was the best show I’ve ever seen. Sorry Rascal Flatts (she says with sarcasm), your bedazzled pants just couldn’t measure up.

Upcoming #92: July 28. PR is back, kids. And I’m determined to make it through the entire season with snarkitude and witty banter.

Let’s see…Outside the list, not too much is really new. I’ve taken on a new craft obsession with cross stitching (but not your average puppy-sniffing-flowers or pie-cooling-on-the-window-sill cross stitch)

Really? What am I gonna do with that?

Nope. Thanks to Wee Little Stitches on Etsy, I now have theses gracing my desk:


Oh! I also was lucky enough to get to see Glee Live. Holy Kaboom, Batman; it was fantastic. Yes, I was once again the nerd with the crap video camera recording nearly every song (As I did at the Beach Boys. Time Out: I haven’t talked about BB yet, have I? Ridiculous. John Stamos played with them. It was like I was living in a Full House episode. Mind bottling. You know? When things are so crazy it gets your thoughts trapped, like in a bottle? Time in.)

Now, my Beach Boys videos are all uploaded on YouTube (You’rewelcomeverymuch), but I haven’t gotten around to sharing all the Glee love yet. But how about a Warbler sneak peak?


Until next time...Stay classy, Blogspot.


Lacey said...

Yay the biddy is back! :) Those cross stitching pics are awesome. And I'm so jealous you got to see Glee live in concert! Thanks for sharing the video!

Katie said...

I fully expect that breakfast club cross stitch to be wrapped up with a bow on it for my next birthday. :)