Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And so it begins

Hello and welcome to my mind’s inner workings.

Background: 24. Will receive my MA in advertising and public relations in December. Finally finished my thesis. Back living at home because… Am hopelessly, haplessly and desperately unemployed. But I’m not just unemployed. I’m a new old biddy (© Jennifer Eolin—Awesome comedian and Project Runway blogger extraordinaire. Google her.). What’s a new old biddy you ask? Well. I’m young, like to keep up with trends…BUT. I love handicrafts and hot tea, own (and regularly use) a sleep cardigan, keep a stash of hard candies in my purse and like to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

But you know, the whole “no job” thing isn’t all bad. It’s as if I’m on perma-summer vacation, so the fact that it’s November still hasn’t dawned on me. (Let’s just hope we get a true Alabama winter because my entire cold-weather wardrobe is in storage. In Tuscaloosa.) Anyway, back to why I’m partially ok with not having a job. I have no idea how I could watch as much TV as I do if I were employed. Imagine the Top Chef marathons I would have missed… And my devotion to Biggest Loser, the Office and Glee is nothing but impressive. Quiz me. I’ll prove it.

Recently my sister (aka Sister) asked me what I do with my time since I’ve been back home in Troy for a good four months now. (Wow. Scary.). And I thought, heh, how should I answer this? And decided, what better way than a blog that will hopefully entertain and enlighten? And so it begins. Shows I watch; books I read; food I cook; handicrafts I…craft.

The Unemployed Biddy’s Chronicle.


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Dana said...

Oh Mellie...I'm already in love with your blog! Please keep posting!!! =) Lurv.